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Half the land in Oklahoma could be returned to Native Americans. It should be.

A Supreme Court case about jurisdiction in an obscure murder has huge implications for tribes.

By Rebecca Nagle, The Washington Post
Rebecca Nagle is a writer, advocate and citizen of Cherokee Nation living in Tahlequah, Okla.

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PHLASK Project - find water map

The PHLASK Project was conceived as a social enterprise solution to help make an existing system - accessing and drinking water - more ecologically sustainable.

The mission of the project was to reimagine how existing infrastructures and systems could be reorganized and optimized to reduce waste and provide greater access to water, simply by re-engineering the social norms of accessing existing water sources.

by Billy Hanafee

Find water map
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About Futures

How to reimagine our tomorrow?

Nuestros Futuros
“We are not only realizing that we are decolonizing, redesigning, and liberating our 
futures, in our own city, in our own ways, but we are also arduously building off of anti-colonial work that seeks to reclaim our pasts, our presents, and our perceptions of times and spaces, because our futures (nuestros futuros) are already here performing, disintegrating, and reconstituting within our lives and environments.”
—The Mobile Futures Institute