Collectively created concept and design: Bri Barton (drawings), Charlyn Griffith (drawings), Jeanne van Heeswijk (initiating artist), Shari Hersh (process), in•sitecolaborative including Larissa Begault, Rania Dalloul, Nora Elmarzouky, and Sara Minard (framework design, research, and mapping), Denise Valentine (Research), Jason Killinger (design), Janneke Absil (design), and Maurits de Bruijn (webdesign).

Additional research and data: Craig Borowiak, Grounded in Philly, Amy Hilier, Open Data Philly, The Pennsylvania Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, Philly.com Data Hub (Publicly Accessible Data Input), Michaela Pommells of Corajus, and contributions from Philadelphia Assembled collaborators.

Editorial review: Dianne Loftis, Stephanie Mach, and Tom Sugrue.

Additional drawings: Mayyadah Alhumssi, Eric Battle, Faith Bartley & Kate Deciccio, Compton Eeoh, Ayah Hapi, Laos in the House, Staci Moore, Christian Rodriguez, Jared Wood, Josh Yoder, Young artists of Francisville Recreation Center, Trash Academy, Marcel van der Meijs, Fred Riley, and Philadelphia Assembled collaborators.

Printing and installation: Latasha Billington, Julius Ferraro, Jessi Krimes, Joseph Troiani, Ben Volta, and John Zerbe.

The Philadelphia Assembled City Panorama was produced with the support of the Philadelphia Assembled collaborators and their communities, Philadelphia Museum of Art and Mural Arts Philadelphia.