Land Sovereignty

Within Philadelphia Assembled, sovereignty is not understood by one single definition, instead, a collective representation of the term is revealed through layered questions about autonomy, equity, and freedom. Through these questions, the Sovereignty atmosphere seeks to address the specific concepts of land and the alternative marketplace as each relates to histories of self-determination, the preservation of community wisdom, and new forms of cultural exchange. These ideas are being explored from within a context of, what author bell hooks terms, "communities of resistance," spaces that "can emerge around our struggles for personal self-recovery as well as our efforts to organize collectively."

Knitting together a rich history of unity through land and labor, the second Sovereignty “site” was envisioned as a network of four urban gardens located in North Philadelphia. Programming and installations across these gardens informed the ways in which plants, seeds, and land reinforce people's connection to ancestry and serve as vehicles for nourishment, healing, and future growth. In the spring of 2017 there was be a choreographed movement and dialogue between the four sites, as gardeners tended to their land, hosted workshops, and collectively discussed the status of land ownership and sustainable food production in the city.

1. Urban Creators-Life Do Grow Farm
2. Fair Hill Burial Grounds
3. Norris Square Neighborhood Projects Gardens
4. Stretch and Fly Youth Business Garden (NCPSCDC)